This web shares several musical works as a result of  an interesting journey. The collaboration with other artists has been crucial to enlight my vision.

In Promptu

Artistic residences for developing collaborative works with Six Ensemble. Ready to consider new projects!










Intuitive Music

Six Ensemble




Solo works





Several duets




    Tony Peña (a.ka. guitarFlow) is a classically trained musician. Lately his interests have been focused on Film Music, Minimalism and Real-Time Composition. He usually works with Six Ensemble, an artistic collective, and Sustrato 2, Talea, Hybrid2 and Valden projects, which produce distinctive ways of expression.

    Tony Peña is a big fan of collaborative working frames. That led him to create Dowland Revisited with Jose Guillen and to organize CEPA, an experimental music festival, and IN PROMPTU, artistic residences with special guests.

    With regards to the composition , he has produced incidental music for drama and film works, and recorded TomForSix, a complete work that embraces all guitar composition by the minimalistic American composer Tom Johnson.

    Tony always keeps his education ongoing. Lately he has studied a master degree in Film and Videogames scoring at Complutense University.